Guiding and empowering students through the university application process



Complete College Admission Program (up to 40 hours over two years) 

This package is the most popular and cost effective solution for students and families, starting about two years before graduating from secondary school and provides complete support and guidance for the entire college admission process. This package is advisable for the US university application process.

Activities include:

  • Provide a thorough bespoke assessment of skills and interests
  • Plan required courses and extra curricular activities
  • Assist in planning and organising school visits
  • Compile the college list
  • Provide tips on the preparation and planning for standardised tests
  • Help manage application and test deadlines
  • Assist in compiling CV to include academic achievements and extra-curricular activities
  • Review college applications (Common Application, Universal Application or school specific application)
  • Brainstorm and proofread essays
  • Train on interview techniques and practice interviews
  • Assist in evaluating financial aid packages and offers
  • Manage the waiting list and the transition to college

Our dedicated consultant is available during the entire process for questions and answers relating to all college admission activities.

Oxford 2

10-Hour Prepaid Package

This package is suitable for students applying to UK, Canadian universities or English speaking courses in Europe, starting about two years before graduating from secondary school. 

  • Assist in selecting courses and universities
  • Review college applications (UCAS or school specific application)
  • Brainstorm and proofread personal statement and essays.
  • Manage the waiting list and transition to university

Hourly Rate

Hourly sessions may be booked subject to availability.

To obtain more information about our services or arrange for an initial consultation, call us on +44 (0) 7712 006300,  +44 (0) 208 748 8696 or email us using the contact form.